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5 Reasons Your Daughter Should Learn Krav Maga: Preventing Gender Violence

Our world and country has begun a pivotal change and Shaan Saar is so proud to be part of that. We offer a compassionate, non-threatening environment in which to learn and practice, support for people from all walks of life to learn how to be confident and keep themselves safe. But if you still aren’t convinced that learning the worlds’ most effective form of self defense could be helpful for you or your daughter keep in mind some of these incredibly significant reasons to reach out and see what kind of programming is available to you….

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Teaching Kids "No Means No!" 4 Suggestions In Keeping Your Child Safe

Teaching children they should listen to their gut instinct is essential. Shaan Saar helps children to use verbalization at an early age…

Warning Signs

Listening to your instinct is the first form of self defense. Feeling unsafe, sick to their tummy, sweating a lot of having a racing heart are all early warning signs of something being wrong. These feelings should be reported to their safety network right away.

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The Most Important Life Skill You Can Give Your Child

“We teach our children proper health and hygiene by making them responsible for brushing their hair and teeth, and how to value money by rewarding chores with allowance money but how much time are you spending teaching them about what is arguably the most essential life skill available?”

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