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Orlando’s Only Authentic Krav Maga. Reality Based, Stress Tested, Krav Maga Orlando, Personal Protection and Krav Maga Tactical Training. Local & National Award Winning Self Defense Classes, Courses and Training Programs.

Krav Maga heightens perception and transforms fear into something more productive.
— Imi Lichtenfeld

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krav Maga & Tactical Training Classes for Self Defense

We’re proud to be Orlando, Florida’s top choice in authentic, reality based Krav Maga self defense. Each member of our team pours their heart and soul into providing top of the line, quality, cutting edge programming for Authentic Israeli Krav Maga. Call / Text us at 407-730-1523 or send email to for more information.

Shaan Saar is locally owned and operated, deeply invested in our local community and you can always be assured of superior customers service and warm welcoming environment from our family to your family! Come experience the Shaan Saar difference and Central Florida’s finest, with a variety of programs for nationally award winning Israeli Krav Maga, Tactical Training and Wellness Programs in Winter Park and Doctor Phillip’s.

Learn Krav Maga Offering group, private and corporate instruction, our Krav Maga, Israeli Self Defense and Physical Fitness training programs are membership based and available for every person, of any skill level, from introductory level to advanced adults and children. You can expect classes to be challenging, engaging and fun for a variety of levels while imparting education you won’t find anywhere else in Central Florida!

Shaan Saar provides the only exclusively women’s only self-defense program in Florida featuring course material designed in conjunction with trauma therapists to focus on neurobiology of attacks and offer compassionate, non-threatening instruction. Featuring Chief Instructor, 3rd degree Israeli black belt and Action Martial Arts Magazine, Excellence in Martial Arts Teaching Award Winner, Gabriel Mora.


Proud to be Orlando Family Magazine’s
”Best of the Best!” 2019

Shaan Saar Krav Maga is Orlando’s Only Authentic Krav Maga and Tactical Training Facility. Local and National Award Winning Instruction, specializing in reality based self defense instruction in the Israeli Tradition of Krav Maga, close quarters combatives. Cutting edge and the most up to date scenario based training for adults of all skill levels, women only (assault preparedness) children and teens. An ever changing world requires not only better quality but training smarter.
— Shaan Saar Krav Maga In Brief