Shaan Saar
Glory through the storm


Shaan Saar Krav Maga, Pilates, Wellness. Florida’s finest Krav Maga instruction, the most exclusive Pilates instruction and cutting edge wellness programs for biohacking your way into optimal wellness.

Krav Maga heightens perception and transforms fear into something more productive.
— Imi Lichtenfeld

A body freed from nervous tension and over-fatigue is the ideal shelter for a well-balanced mind.
— Joseph Pilates

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Orlando’s most unique wellness experience. The perfect blend of mind and body, Shaan Saar offers Florida’s finest, nationally award winning Israeli Krav Maga instruction, unique Pilates fitness and cutting edge wellness programs for biohacking your way into optimal wellness.

Krav Maga Offering group, private and corporate instruction, our Krav Maga program is membership based and available for introductory to advanced level adults and children.

Shaan Saar provides the only exclusively women’s only self-defense program in Florida featuring course material designed in conjunction with trauma therapists to focus on neurobiology of attacks and offer compassionate, non-threatening instruction. All women’s classes are taught by our owner, 3rd degree Israeli black belt and national excellence in martial arts teaching award winner, Gabriel Mora.

Pilates Featuring small group and private instruction for equipment based classes and now Prenatal Pilates & Pilates For Athletes, Shaan Saar offers a Pilates experience unlike any other. We believe the combination of resistance / bodyweight training and a focused mental approach to symmetrical strengthening is the formula for anybody at every age. With a special focus on higher intensity, result oriented classes our group and private classes are here to get the results you desire with well rounded, multi-disciplinary instructors.

Wellness Our Concierge style wellness programs give you the necessary edge to create your best life. Offering in-person and online systems we create individualized strategize for weight loss, body recomposition, better energy, overall health, gut healing, histamine intolerance, and mold exposure issues. Combining precision nutrition, heart rate variability programs with self care and stress reduction methods to live well at every stage of your life.

Private sessions include planning, referrals, advocacy with your licensed healthcare practitioner, fitness, nutrition and self care design to take the guesswork out of wellness.