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5 Reasons Your Daughter Should Learn Krav Maga: Preventing Gender Violence

Our world and country has begun a pivotal change and Shaan Saar is so proud to be part of that. We offer a compassionate, non-threatening environment in which to learn and practice, support for people from all walks of life to learn how to be confident and keep themselves safe. But if you still aren’t convinced that learning the worlds’ most effective form of self defense could be helpful for you or your daughter keep in mind some of these incredibly significant reasons to reach out and see what kind of programming is available to you….

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Bullyproof For Kids: A Mom's Perspective

But Krav Maga is different.

As the sole parent of two young children I need to know that they are capable of defending themselves in situations which call for it. That the loves of my life can verbalize their boundaries with strength and walk confidently throughout their days is important to me. I tell people, women and children especially, with great regularity that Krav Maga is unlike other martial arts in the fact that it’s sole purpose is to teach survival skills in the event of a personal attack. It’s gritty, stress tested and not sugar coated in any way. I am uncompromising in making sure my children can take care of themselves.

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New Year, Better You!

Happy 2019!

I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for a fresh page so I’m thrilled about the New Year and all the possibility it brings. For me it’s an opportunity to dive deeper into what makes me unique and uncover personal truths. If you know me from Shaan Saar or my IG / other social media you’ll know 2018 was a year of dramatic, tumultuous change. Leaving behind a year with multiple tragedies, illness and discovering hard truths. Still, in it there is beauty. While all of these things were more difficult than I could have ever imagined, becoming a sole parent and provider after the untimely passing of my children’s father, marriage coming to an end, recovering from a rare immunological disorder after spending years healing autoimmune illnesses, remodeling of our family home after massive water and mold damage that led to illness in everyone including our family dog. Sometimes it just all felt like too much.

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