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Classic Pilates Mat Group Class

Classic Pilates Mat Group Class

99.00 210.00

Multi-level Mat Class every Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

Classic Pilates Mat - Basic
Like our Open Level Mat Class, but taken down just a notch.  There is nothing basic about this class, but the pace is more appropriate for beginners or those who are totally new to Pilates.  We will focus on proper alignment and form, building a strong core, and a solid understanding of the Pilates exercises so you can get stronger faster, and take your practice to the next level.

Classic Pilates Mat - Open Level
Just you and the mat, using your own body for resistance training - the mat is where the principles of Pilates all come together in a challenging sequence of free flowing movement.  This class will take participants through the classical mat repertoire, meant to build core strength, tone the whole body, and improve flexibility.  Open Level is appropriate for beginners and more advanced students, but some Pilates experience is recommended.

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