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Drop In Krav Maga

Drop In Krav Maga


Krav Maga is known as the World’s Most Effective Form of Self Defense and capitalizes on the bodies natural response to threat. Our courses increase stamina, focus and awareness through reality based training. For adults of all skill levels. This is for a drop in class with one-time fee only.

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Semi-Private Krav Maga Introductory Class for $39

*45-minute intensive Krav Maga Instruction with 3rd Degree Black & Certified Krav Maga Street Defense Master Instructor Belt Gabriel Mora
Shaan Saar, Florida location in Windermere, FL

・Defense tactics system for self defense rooted in the bodies natural response to threat.
・Includes weapons training for gun and knife defense.
・Semi-private instruction designed to fit your schedule.