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Shaan Saar Gear Bag

Shaan Saar Gear Bag


Our gear bags require everything you and/or your children to train safely. Includes:

Boxing Gloves
MMA Gloves
Handwraps (Adult Only)
Diamond MMA Compression and Athletic Cup System
Tegu Headgear and Face Shield
Shaan Saar Custom Duffle Bag
Shaan Saar Branded Heat Press School Patch (For Gi or Uniform Pants)
Kali Stick
Tapered Bo Staff
Uniform Pants
Shaan Saar Custom Organic Blend Cotton Training Tee
Shock Doctor Mouthpiece and Hard Case
Shin Gear
****Not all items in bag are pictured. Mouthpiece and nunchucks offer color choices. Please specify color choice.

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