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Women's Only: Assault Preparedness 6 Week Course

Women's Only: Assault Preparedness 6 Week Course


Learn Krav Maga, Israeli Close Quarters Contact Combat with local and national award winning instructors and Orlando’s Only Authentic Krav Maga facility.

Our women' only program is designed specifically to address gender related crime and the most frequently encountered violent / non-violent scenarios experienced by women. Scenarios include (but not limited to): intimates, strangers, solo travel, dating, University life, dating, etc…. Get fit, meet new friends and learn life saving concepts you can really use!

Each class is 45 minutes in length and covers a variety of safety situations that apply specifically to gender. Courses are taught by male / female team and our content is content is created in conjunction with trauma therapists. Ages 13+ are welcome to learn, keeping in mind that conversation can be candid. Feel free to call or text 407-730-1523.

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