Shaan Saar
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We believe the power of a student - teacher relationship is the single most important catalyst to physical transformation and optimal wellness. Featuring Equipment and group Pilates classes our small group and private sessions offer one of a kind training with a focused mental approach on symmetrical strengthening. Private sessions and introductory classes are offered as the foundation to a successful pilates practice.

Pilates decreases your likelihood of injury in daily life and sports practice by helping to increase range of motion, posture and balance. For athletes it improves speed and power giving you an edge in performance. Joseph Pilates himself was a pioneer in self defense and a martial artist like the founders of Shaan Saar, Gabriel and Renee. Offering clients a wide range of options in classes and formats is a cornerstone of the Shaan Saar methodology.

Group and Private Pilates Mat & PIlates Shred Classes Now Available!

Gabriel Mora

Owner / Partner of Shaan Saar Gabriel is booking private clients for Pilates for February 2019. Specializing in athletic performance Gabriel believes that Pilates strongly develops the mind body connection necessary for explosive training and improves precision for self defense and martial arts.

Pilates Mat & Pilates Shred
Now Booking February 2019


Renee Rose

Increasing strength, confidence and muscle tone is at the forefront of private training and group sessions with owner / partner Renee Rose. With a background as a nationally qualified bikini competitor and fitness trainer her morning group and private sessions focus on fun, motivation and accountability while sculpting your best self at any age!