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Each of our Shaan Saar programs combines the best of individualized nutrition strategy, supplements and whole person holistic lifestyle modalities to improve the quality of  your life, achieve optimal wellness and look better than ever. Incorporating the 4 cornerstones (food, supplements, exercise and complimentary wellness modalities) in a way that fits your goals, needs and lifestyle. With extensive experience in the culinary, health & fitness industries Shaan Saar's Renee Rose is available for private consults, group and individual culinary classes, meal prep and ongoing wellness advocacy programs. Find out more below the scheduling calendar. Appointments can be scheduled M-F from 9am to 2pm and ongoing support via text and email is available around the clock.


Postpartum Lifestyle Management

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Macros are what make up our caloric intake. They are broken up into three primary categories: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. We will design a custom marco plan that suits your needs whether it is to lose body fat or to gain muscle mass. Following a personalized macro plan will help you achieve goals that my have felt impossible on any other program you've worked!



Excellent eating habits provides most people with sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. However, with busy lives and multiple commitments most of us don't balance nutrition as well as we'd like. That's where supplements come in. Knowing what to try and when can be confusing and for those with chronic illness or trying to recover a post-baby body even more so. With 15+ yeas experience in the nutraceutical and fitness industry, including collaborating to design multiple private label supplements let Renee Rose help you hack your supplementation program for optimal wellness!


Meal prep

Let us show you the easiest way to pull together the cornerstone of a great transformation! Drop off, on-site prep or culinary classes to help you succeed.


goal setting

Visualizing and goal setting are important first steps. We'll establish a game plan during your assessment and push toward noticeable progress each week to achieve both short and long term success.


Women's Wellness

Both body and mind change after childbirth. From postpartum issues to chronic illness let us help you strategize locally or at a distance for optimal wellness in health, nutrition and fitness.

Specializing in advocating and strategizing for Hashimoto's, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and recovery from mold exposure.

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