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Classes for Children:
Serving Ages 3 - 12

Teen Programs:
Serving Ages 13 - 18

Bullyproof Programs for Schools, Synagogues & Church Groups

Functional Training for Children ages 8+

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The World’s most effective form of self-defense training

While Krav Maga borrows elements from martial arts, this is not what it’s intended purpose is. Rather, our system instills that violence should be avoided when possible but prepares you for the worst situations. While many martial arts schools of different disciplines offer "self defense" as a class and a fun way to get in shape, Shaan Saar strives to educate to what is street applicable and will give the youngest members of your family the knowledge and skills to defend themselves quickly and efficiently.

The Shaan Saar Difference: What makes our system different from other schools/studios offering self defense or martial arts? Krav Maga is not karate, we do not teach forms or katas. Our system of self defense is based off the bodies natural response to attack and stressful situation. Shaan Saar does not center on a belt rank, fees or “next level” promotions to sell more classes. We ensure each participant has a solid foundation of knowledge to use if and when necessary, to stay safe and confident in every situation!

All programs taught by certified Krav Maga Street Defence Instructors.

Teen Programs

Shaan Saar’s Teen Krav Maga Program meets ages 13+ at their maturity level, making learning easier and more efficient. The program addresses the most relevant forms of bullying experienced today and teaches teens how to avoid conflict but walk with confidence and a skill level necessary for safety. Our approach is to give your teen the tools they need to defend themselves, diplomatically, verbally, with skill and force, should situation become escalated. We pride ourselves on intense programs that combine conditioning, structure and goal oriented challenges in a supportive and welcoming environment with some of Florida’s most highly trained instructors.


Krav Maga:
A Bullyproof System

Shaan Saar provides children with fun, physical exercise and an engaging alternative to traditional martial arts through our Bullyproof program. Children will learn communication skills, self-discipline and the most effective forms of personal self-defense to use, if and when they need to keep themselves safe from physical danger. Class participants practice the skills most relevant to self-protection through the Israeli self-defense system of Krav Maga. Designed specifically for self-defense and used by the men and women of the Israeli military, children will learn multiple physical fitness skills to increase strength and enhance personal fitness like sprinting, blocking, striking and agility drills designed for eye-hand coordination, sensory development and respecting physical boundaries with body awareness. By incorporating positive peer influence and empathy techniques along with role play for identifying and addressing bullying our course is the perfect option for children to learn how to deal with physical and verbal altercations as they grow in a safe place.

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