Shaan Saar
Glory through the storm

Women Empowerment and Personal Protection

Empowerment through self defense... 

Created specifically to address the most common concerns and issues applicable to women today, each of our weekly classes covers the necessary material to help keep you safe. Rooted in a natural, reaction based method of the human bodies response to threat, all of our techniques are evidence based. Regardless of whether you opt for private courses, weekly group training or off-site intensives located throughout the US rest assured that your experience will be welcoming, compassionate and offered in a non-threatening, respectful environment. Each course is rooted in the Israeli tradition of Krav Maga and taught by Master Instructor Gabriel J Mora.     

According the National Justice's Department of Crime Victimization Survey less than 40% of attacks are committed by strangers. Empowering ourselves as women to set firm boundaries, speak with assertiveness and observe situational awareness and body language is the first and best line of defense in our quickly and ever-changing world. Regular practice of strategies to help us carry ourselves confidently throughout our day to day lives with one the most well educated and knowledgeable instructors in the country is something we are supremely passionate about offering.

National seminars, affordable memberships, scholarship awards, flexible payment options and simple streamlined registration technology sent straight to your phone ensures our ability to bring the necessary education to as many women as possible.


What You'll Learn

Escaping hair & wrist grabs

Escaping choke holds & ground attacks

Assault from strangers, acquaintances & intimates

Escaping from individual restraint


Verbal exercises

Multiple attackers

Third party defense
*attacks with children present or another individual present

Sexual assault

Gun threat

Knife attacks and threats



Cancellations & Refunds

We would like to take a moment to remind you of our cancellation policy.

First, this policy is as important for you as it is for us. A strong cancellation policy keeps you accountable and keeps our business running smoothly. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a scheduled lesson or class due to inclement weather as your safety and experience  is our main priority. 

Below is our official cancellation policy with regards to Shaan Saar class, private and personal training reservations:

In general, we will not issue refunds for any classes or lessons booked, so we ask you please be certain our memberships will meet your needs. 

Thanks for your understanding!