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Teaching Kids "No Means No!" 4 Suggestions In Keeping Your Child Safe

Helping children learn strong, personal boundaries is important and necessary for keeping them safe. It’s not always a comfortable talk but these are some suggestions to get you started. The “I Said NO” book by Zach and Kimberly King is an excellent resource for this important talk. Written from a kids point of view this simple direct book is helpful for parents, educators and counselors. Highly recommended by our family!

Following are our own suggestions for talking to your little ones about body safety rules.

My Body Is Mine and It Belongs To Me
I can say NO! Don’t force your child to kiss and hug anyone, even relatives, if they don’t want to. Let them give a high five or thumbs up. Let them learn they cane the boss of their body and what they say goes!

I Have A Safety Network
Have at least two adults they can trust within their safety network who they can tell anything to and they will be believed. Predators often rely on the fact that children aren’t considered credible witnesses.

Let them know they should never keep secrets that make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. They can and should tell an adult in they safety immediately with the assurance it will be heard and taken seriously.

Warning Signs
Listening to your instinct is the first form of self defense. Feeling unsafe, sick to their tummy, sweating a lot of having a racing heart are all early warning signs of something being wrong. These feelings should be reported to their safety network right away.