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5 Reasons Your Daughter Should Learn Krav Maga: Preventing Gender Violence

As a woman and survivor of both violent and non-violent assault it’s been my personal mission to teach other women and teen girls to honor their instinct and learn to keep themselves safe. At Shaan Saar we motivate through hope and what is positive -versus through fear and an imminent threat of being assaulted. Teaching every single person that walks through our doors and wants to learn they are welcome. Finding inner strength and extending compassion to all. Kindness does not make you any less of a warrior. Being female does not make you weaker or any less capable than a man. However, being female does actually put us at higher risk for severe physical violence. Being aware, educated and prepared can make all the difference in preventing gender related violence.

As much as I love and respect sport and competitive martial arts, for me and my family, I cannot stress learning practical, reality based self defense enough.

I am blessed to meet so many people from different walks of life who are interested in fostering an education in self defense for their child. In that one of the most frequent questions I am asked is in regard to the “why” of Krav Maga. “Why should my daughter/child learn it versus Taekwondo or Jui Jitsu?” I could go on for hours about how it has changed the lives of my family and the signifiant role it’s played in my own life but the simple answer is that Krav Maga was designed as an effective, empowering counter defense for marginalized populations. A system that evolves to improve rather than roots in technique. A concept based defense system with a singular mission of survival.

Our world and country has begun a pivotal change and Shaan Saar is so proud to be part of that. We offer a compassionate, non-threatening environment in which to learn and practice, support for people from all walks of life to learn how to be confident and keep themselves safe. But if you still aren’t convinced that learning the worlds’ most effective form of self defense could be helpful for you or your daughter keep in mind some of these incredibly significant reasons to reach out and see what kind of programming is available to you.

  1. Increased Self Esteem and Confidence.

    Each of us unwittingly gives off personal tells in confidence and self esteem. Criminals look for signs of weakness in their targets and choose opportunistically. And they’re good at it. Having education in not only what to do in the event of an emergency but in the neurobiology of attacks (or what you can do to avoid being a target) goes a long way in helping you walk with confidence and avoid giving off the non-verbal signs of an ideal victim. Knowledgeable educated instructors can help teach interactional synchrony for every individual. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can only learn under intimidating circumstances!

  2. Learning To Set Personal Boundaries, Physically and Emotionally.

    Most females are taught that a partner should anticipate our needs and speaking up can ruin the spontaneity of a relationship. There is no doubt about it, for young girls and women, being polite in today’s society has been a highly prized trait. What we need to be learning is our individual safety should be prioritized more highly than being viewed as “nice.” All boundaries, big and small are valid and deserve to be respected. Learning about and practicing those boundaries repeatedly helps us create not only better relationships and communication skills that last a lifetime but also helps us recognize red flags and steer clear from unhealthy, potentially dangerous situations.

  3. Developing The Most Essential Life Skill.
    Life skills are the essential things we learn to help us participate fully in life. Krav Maga incorporates a multitude of those skills including self awareness, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, etc… to keep ourselves safe both physically and emotionally. Survivors of violent crime often get stuck in a loop of second guessing those skills. But psychosocial competence plays an important role in overcoming emotional trauma so especially in these cases, empowering oneself with personal safety education can help overcome difficult experiences.

  4. Establishing Positive Behavior and Body Image Through Physical Activity.
    Feeling strong and capable helps us feel good about ourselves and that Krav Maga lends itself to regular, purposeful physical conditioning helps to boost endorphins and serotonin. The research on positive neurobiological effects of regular physical activity are overwhelmingly positive and establishing these habits at an early age are priceless.

  5. Creates A Lifelong Commitment To Self That Most Women Today Struggle With. Most females are taught from an early age to be selfless. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, societal messages and peer competition can create skewed visions of what that means. For many women, pushing oneself to the limit is taken to the extreme, often becoming a negative pattern. A loop we often get trapped into, telling ourselves that our needs should come last and feeling guilt for devoting time to even basic hygiene. Sadly, it’s that very thing that leads to lack of personal fulfillment, personal and professional burnout, depression and feelings of low self worth. Establishing a positive commitment to one’s personal boundaries and physical well-being at a young age helps us to hold onto that as we get older.

    Reneé Rose
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