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The Most Important Life Skill You Can Give Your Child

We teach our children proper health and hygiene by making them responsible for brushing their hair and teeth, and how to value money by rewarding chores with allowance money but how much time are you spending teaching them about what is arguably the most essential life skill available?

Life skills are some of the most valuable lessons that children will use throughout their lifetime. Learning to protect our own bodies, creating strong personal boundaries and that no-means-no, in other words; self defense and personal safety, is something that’s absolutely necessary in today’s world.

Even children who are homeschooled aren’t around their parents at all times and learning early on how to get out of a threatening situation and confidently listen to your gut instinct can save a life and prevent lifelong trauma. It seems a no-brainer that parents would want their children to have access to this type of education. Fortunately, there are schools all over the country that offer some kind of training for early childhood education self defense. But how do you know what to look for?

If it’s practical training in life skills self defense you want; bullying, harassment, assault preparedness, nothing will beat a reality based program and for my own family nothing beats Krav Maga. When we first moved to Florida from Los Angeles our choices were limited. After realizing the program wasn’t quite what we hoped we began working to build Shaan Saar, a reality based program with superior, certified instruction, whose core values are to create empowerment, confidence and strength for every person. Where life skills and care for the whole person are prized. Training takes place both on and off the mat for optimal skill building and every individual who walks through the door is treated like family.

The real life training scenarios we provide at Shaan Saar help children to fine tune their decision making skills and build on each life skill lesson as they grow. We should be clear, that self defense isn’t about a sport or competition. There’s always wide debate among martial artists that a sport martial art can prepare a child for a real life threat, and for those with multiple years of diligent training, I don’t disagree. But as a woman, a single mother and sole parent, I refer time and again to the benefits of Krav Maga for myself and my own children. Krav Maga is a system that evolves as threats change, works with the bodies natural reaction to protect against threat, works with biomechanics versus brute strength and doesn’t anchor to historical absolutes. Combining all those elements with highly skilled, internationally trained, educated and compassionate instructors means our students learn quickly, hold themselves differently and understand the value of personal space, even without resorting to physical altercation. Their education is safe and practical to use in the streets.

To us safety, quality and compassion are of the highest importance. Shaan Saar has been awarded on both a local and national level and regularly travels throughout the US to offer no cost, community assault preparedness and violence prevention classes for the LGBTQ+ Community and Assault Survivors. We ensure that we teach to scenario based defense and while we can’t be with our students every moment of their life we know the skills we teach them will be.

If you share our belief that our children deserve the very best in learning all life skill maybe our programs at Shaan Saar are a good fit. Learn more online at Shaan Saar or contact us via email at