Shaan Saar
Glory through the storm


Never Forget

When I first began my Krav Maga training I was heavily questioned about my “motive”. My response was “I am a Jew”. If you know the history of Krav or Israeli Martial Arts this answer would make sense. I take the responsibility of learning my history seriously. The responsibility of sharing systems created as a resistance for our people, to protect the innocent and preserve a belief system even more. 

To me, just to say never forget, isn’t enough. My words, without action fall short. But sharing Krav Maga, promoting the Israeli Martial Arts and being ever present in its practice immerses me in a resistance that has been necessary for the survival of our people. It is an honor and a privilege to learn the system but a personal responsibility as well. Shaan Saar was created to share the system in a national level for all people, but especially marginalized communities as it was in the beginning. A concrete embodiment of not forgetting. Our logo, the Star of David, says to the world we are here and will never, ever forget.

Renee Rose