Shaan Saar
Glory through the storm


New Year, Better You!

Happy 2019!

I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for a fresh page so I’m thrilled about the New Year and all the possibility it brings. For me it’s an opportunity to dive deeper into what makes me unique and uncover personal truths. If you know me from Shaan Saar or my IG / other social media you’ll know 2018 was a year of dramatic, tumultuous change. Leaving behind a year with multiple tragedies, illness and discovering hard truths. Still, in it there is beauty. While all of these things were more difficult than I could have ever imagined, becoming a sole parent and provider after the untimely passing of my children’s father, marriage coming to an end, recovering from a rare immunological disorder after spending years healing autoimmune illnesses, remodeling of our family home after massive water and mold damage that led to illness in everyone including our family dog. Sometimes it just all felt like too much.

But I am a woman, a mother, a chef, entrepreneur, competitive athlete and my father’s daughter. I am stronger than those things and the example which my children will base their own narrative on. So I must be uncompromising and relentless. What I am not is perfect. And with each tragedy I learned to dig deeper and realize I am worthy, in spite of events and relationships of the past year. That I can be raw, strong and honest yet walk gently and bring comfort to those around me. That our family will heal from the abnormal events, our reactions are normal and how we move forward is for no one to judge, because they have not walked the same path nor do they live in our skin.

Peace and light can be found in what feels like ruins and there are a multitude of ways to create a life we love. Ushering in 2019 I hope you each find a way to do that. Starting with taking stock of your health.

As someone who has lived with Autoimmune Illness, Immunological disease and seen multiple lives cut too short I cannot encourage you more strongly to explore movement and wellness. The physiological and physiological effects of those combined with self care and meaningful nourishment will carry you through the most difficult of times. It took me years of healing, research and hundreds of thousands of dollars to allopathic, functional and complimentary healthcare / wellness practitioners to figure out what works and what’s just hype. Sometimes dangerous hype. I like to say to clients, I’ve made so many mistakes and spent so much money just so you don’t have to. The wellness system Shaan Saar employs is rooted in peer reviewed science, combines elements of holistic health with vetted methods of self care and variable heart rate training to bridge the gap between complimentary care, fitness and lifestyle coaching. We offer multiple modalities to help you achieve optimal wellness, Krav Maga, Pilates, Self-Defense, Wellness classes, referrals, advocacy, products and services that have undergone scrutiny, testing and trials to ensure effectiveness and safety. As we like to say, we provide the fabric and you create the tapestry. Let’s power through 2019 together!
Renee Rose