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About Shaan Saar

In Brief:
Shaan Saar Krav Maga is Orlando's Only Authentic Krav Maga and Tactical Training Facility. Local and National Award Winning Instruction, specializing in reality based self defense instruction in the Israeli Tradition of Krav Maga, close quarters combatives. Cutting edge and the most up to date scenario based training for adults of all skill levels, women only (assault preparedness) children and teens. An ever changing world requires not only better quality but training smarter. 

A Closer Look:
The Hebrew translation of Shaan Saar is glory through the storm, an appropriate handle for the creation of a unique, Wellness concept. In June 2018 after several years of friendship and training martial arts and competitive physique sports together Gabriel Mora and Renee Rose created Shaan Saar and began to travel the US teaching Krav Maga Self Defense to underserved communities. With the firm belief that every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious background, sexual orientation or identity has the right to learn to defend themselves the “Safe Space” program for LGBTQ and Female Violent Crime Survivors was created. Using his extensive education, knowledge and background in Sports and Exercise Science, Martial Arts and the Krav Maga Street Defense System Gabriel partnered with Renee Rose to set on a mission of making the highest quality Self Defense education available throughout Central Florida for all. With a warm welcoming environment, compassionate, highly educated male / female team Shaan Saar offers a tapestry of fitness and wellness modalities for all ages and skill levels. From Krav Maga for self defense, confidence, self discipline and empowerment to local / national programs for assault survivors and violence preparedness Shaan Saar rounds out the deepest level of commitment to our clients by incorporating injury prevention and restorative Pilates, Personal Training and lifestyle coaching.

Mission Statement: Shaan Saar was created to inspire the best in personal safety education, wellness and sustainable well-being. We aspire to end violence and exploitation facing our world's most isolated and vulnerable communities. Shaan Saar is founded on a mission of facilitating wellness and longevity worldwide through workshops, courses and a prehab / injury prevention system of evidence based wellness principles for athletes and the fitness minded. We welcome the challenge of integrating the time honored traditions of martial arts and wellness for a comprehensive system that serves our clients on a global scale.

Gabriel Mora

Gabriel is a lifelong martial artist, internationally trained, 3rd degree Israeli Black Belt, the youngest and one of the highest ranking Master Instructors in Krav Maga Street Defense system in the world. He is a Certified Master Krav Maga Instructor, Certified Weapons Instructor, certified personal trainer / sports nutrition specialist through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and holds multiple fitness training certifications.

His over 15+ years training and education experience has been under some of the most well known Krav Maga and Tactical Operations Experts in the world including Michael Rüppel, Ran Steinberg, Shuki Drai, Vítor Ribeiro and Moti Horenstein.

Gabriel’s cutting edge work in reality based self defense training spear headed the design of Shaan Saar’s Women’s Assault Preparedness Program. A locally and nationally award winning program created in conjunction with national trauma therapists, non-violent communication and violent crime experts. He was inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors in 2019 for Excellence in Teaching.

ReneÉ Rose

Partner and co-founder of Shaan Saar, Renee has enjoyed an over 20-year career in cuisine, fitness sciences and biohacking for the anti-aging and wellness industries. Holding a degree in Biochemistry from Tulane University she is also a Certified Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Krav Maga practitioner / instructor, elite level competitive bikini athlete and published fitness model. She is a Balanced Body Method Pilates Instructor for Equipment and Pilates Mat, specializing in athletic performance and industry prevention.

As a professional, Parisian apprentice trained Chef and a passionate supporter and participant of the bodybuilding and nutraceutical industry Ms. Rose has dedicated her career to blending the art of cuisine with the science of creating better bodies and optimal wellness. Devoted to mastering every field she takes on she has owned and operated multiple culinary and hospitality concepts, worked as a consultant for the culinary, wellness and complimentary medical community.

After having two children and being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune and a rare immunological illness she began collaborating with Gabriel Mora to create a system for nutrition, heart rate variability training, self care and stress reduction in order to heal herself and biohack her own life. Incorporating Krav Maga into that system Ms. Rose passionately works to advocate for self defense training as radical self care to eliminate toxic build up in body systems and help others living with chronic illness.

Orlando Family Magazine  ”Best of the Best Orlando” 2019

Orlando Family Magazine
”Best of the Best Orlando” 2019

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As Seen In NBC National News

As Seen In NBC National News